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Brown’s Warehouse. Location unknown.

Brown's Warehouse.  Location unknown.

Brown’s Warehouse. Location unknown.

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  1. Intriguing photo- does not look exactly like the front of Brown’s Tobacco warehouse on Main. I thought the Church Street side might be the answer but Brown’s ran right to the Church street edge, and this building practically has a yard. The horse stalls later erected beside the warehouse may be a better candidate. At first the stalls went only about half way to Church Street, so that could account for the “yard” The word “Brown’s” and “Warehouse” look as if they were put up at different times– lettering does not even look the same size. There also appears to be a house to the left (with an independent roof line)- I have not been able to find a time when such a structure was ever located there.

  2. Intriguing is definitely the word! At first glance this is clearly not the Main Street end of Brown’s Warehouse. Nor is it the Church Street end, for reason of the two story wood frame building next to it, not to mention that the terrain is not right for either end. Brown’s first warehouse was at the NE corner of Third and Church, but it was a wood frame building, so this cannot be it. Let us look at what the people in the picture are doing. The well dressed man at the center is passing something to one of the men on what appears to be a tobacco wagon, perhaps paying him for his tobacco, as Brown would have done, except that that is not the way it actually happened. Then look at the pristine buggy, no mud on the tires as there should have been. And the horses. Fine steeds, all three. No farm animals here. And look at their hooves. No mud there either. Also note the sharpness of the image, unlike what we usually see in authentic street scenes of the late 19th/early 20th century. And the sign looks fake to me. I think that this picture is some sort of historical dramatization staged at some later time. I haven’t run across mention of such an event, but I would bet the farm, or in this case, the warehouse, on it.

  3. My guess is that this building stood at 644 N. Trade St. at the corner of W. Sixth.

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